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open logical-physical system

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The project is an open mental-physical system, in which computational structures and actions of the performers are subjected to destruction and randomization. The project examines dynamic relation between randomness and order, entropy and concentration of energy. It is a real time system, which encompasses movement of bodies, performative cycles of transmission/reception and programming trough modulation of electric and magnetic energies and light, allowing for modification of the dynamics of space.
The performers and participants are forced to changed identity and become a part of operational space in real time. Transformation and transmutation of performers' activity occurs through redefinition of visual-movement-space systems and logic-computational structures. The event destroys and dislocates representation [language, software], time [rhythm, performers' movement] and physical space [intensity of light and sound].



Geometry of the event consists of clearly constructed knots-places closed within three overlapping circles. It also encompasses very rigorous and precise positions of the performers [magical positions and hatha-yoga], which are subjected to destruction and transformation [ random walk and quantization of movements and impulses].



Is defined by the sequence of events. Each interval is created according to a score, but its form is open and serves the creation of unpredictable events.
Paradoxically, the project examines the possibility of making rational decisions in order to create unpredictable events.


The use of random source and reconfiguration of computational code, body movements and physical space gives rise to new, more complex and unpredictable structures, states or places. The project exposes basic electromagnetic and radioactive forces, reconfiguration of atomic energy and distribution of impulses in performers' bodies and in space.



In this work the human body and technology are integrated. It is a fusion of biochemical levels of the performer with electronic and computational infrastructure. Each organism is an oscillator emitting electromagnetic radiation. Human organism is a generator in the same extent, as it is a detector of electromagnetic emission from other sources (biological, electronic and other). Feedback understood in such a way opens a space of shared participation for many performers and audience.


The project reveals former relationship of art and advanced technologies. The cultural sector has always been connected with technological sectors as well as military and financial ones. Art works with advanced technology at every time: from the ice age, through stone and iron age and also today.


The project contains a HEXAGRAM ritual with secret sexual formula. Non-human entities are invoked by signs [LUX and NOX], extending and collapsing the light. I start with a random sequence obtained from the decay of a radioactive material. Next the sequence is being used for creating new random body movements and for a synthesis of random sound and light impulses. The goal of the project is to create unpredictable events based upon completely random states on the molecular level.

action direct!


concept and directing: Robert B. Lisek
coding: Robert B. Lisek
performers: Robert B. Lisek, Mara Cassiani, Marta Heberle

produced by & Fundamental Research Lab & Centrale Fies