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Gengine, the first part of project SUPRAMIND that aims to build a general-purpose intelligent system based on a visual inference engine which allows us to solve problems by extracting new information from existing.



Gengine module use genetic programming as an automated "invention machine".
At the beginning the DNA of 3 members of Fundamental Research Lab has been used. After the chromosome representation, the sequences have been treated by various genetic programming operatorsa as
crossover, mutations and meta-genetic techniques. Interesting sequences are used to build a Bayesian Network which embodies dependencies between positions in the string. New sequences are generated by sampling the networ.



The output sequences have been used to create extraordinary diagrams, objects and instructions on what works to make. Each object alludes to the different conditions that include not only mathematical, but also social and philosophical roots.


The purpose of the whole project Supramind is to create a artificial general intelligence implants [SUPRAGII], i. e., programs that can be used to solve problems in many completely different fields [ex. games, diagnostic software etc].Pls see more SUPRAMIND framework pdf


The next modules of the project SUPRAMIND in preparation:

3. knowledge representation engine based on hyperposets (ready: FLOAT project LMCC NYC and NEST at ARCO Art Fair Madrid)
and optional Suprabot extensions:
4. open source game engine for visualization and sensing
5. robotic sensimotor interface
6. natural language processing interface


The SUPRAMIND is sponsored by the Arts Links, and in cooperation with the Harvestwork Digital Media Arts Center in New York.


produced by Robert B. Lisek & Fundamental Research Lab