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self-replication of pathogen

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The presentation of self-replication - the most fundamental process in the nature - selfreplication that means exponential grow and spreading of structures. I would like to understand the process of spreading of structures, especially I focus on DNA selfreplication.


PCR real time

The presentation of self-replication of DNA by using PCR real time [(Polymerase Chain Reaction in real time). I took the some genes from Eschericha Coli bacterium, precisely I gen of transferase glukozowa applying PCR real time. The speed of self-replication is fast and reaction accelerates exponentially. PCR real time is a process of selfreplication in wich I sart wit one DNA sequeance, after the first cycle I have two copies of DNA, and after 30 cycles you get over billion of DNA copies.


Self-replication is presented as sound transmission of PCR output data and the synergic light projection . Next I wrote patches for pd and supercollider that translate PCR data into a space of sound and light. You can see the installation and lab exhibition of lab equipment and graphs/maps of the infection of Warsaw in the Leto Gallery.



I generated the new gender of the bacterium E-coli [1XkZF no name yet],that quickly spreads in the water. I injected a gene to Ecoli that is responsible for infection of homo sapience [overexpression of Shiga toxins (Stx). Ecoli has also been modified in order to accelerate the process of division of cell and spreading it in the water [overexpression FtsL gen] .

map of attack


I also prepared a map/graph that represent the best way to infect Warsaw city. The map provides an understanding of how ?pathogens? (in this case the artist?s E-coli bacteria). spread and the connections between multiple biological and communicative networks. In graphic terms, a narrative of bacterial infection demonstrates how easily new dangerous bacteria strands can be grown and how quickly they might spread in a metropolis such as Warsaw[the graph is computed so that nodes show stations of water cleansing and weighted links represent power of water flow].

map of attack

6. I injected my ecoli to some plants. Next step was tranform ecoli by GUS, GFP, Luciferase...[I cloned these genes and I made its overexpression in ecoli]. I receive of green fluo luminance of plants/bacterium.

7. The project proves that suficiently determined person can easily generate new dangerous bacterium and preset the way of its quick spreading in metropolis such like Warsaw.

8. The exhibition at Leto Gallery
curators: Joasia Krysa & Geoff Cox
curator's text[pdf]


produced by Robert B. Lisek & Fundamental Research Lab