Robert B. Lisek

Robert B. Lisek PhD is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems, networks and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in a number of projects focused on media art, creative storytelling and interactive art. Drawing upon post-conceptual art, software art and meta-media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Lisek is also a composer of contemporary music, author of many projects and scores on the intersection of spectral, stochastic, concret music, musica futurista and noise. Lisek is also a scientist who conducts research in the area of foundations of science (mathematics and computer science). His research interests are category theory and high-order algebra in relation to artificial general intelligence. Lisek is a founder of Fundamental Research Lab and ACCESS Art Symposium. He is the author of 300 exhibitions and presentations, among others: SIBYL - ZKM Karlsruhe; SIBYL II - IRCAM Center Pompidou; QUANTUM ENIGMA - Harvestworks Center New York and STEIM Amsterdam; TERROR ENGINES - WORM Center Rotterdam, Secure Insecurity - ISEA Istanbul; DEMONS - Venice Biennale (accompanying events); Manifesto vs. Manifesto - Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw; NEST - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid; Float - Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC; WWAI - Siggraph, Los Angeles.

Fields of expertise
Art: Fine Art, Media Art, Conceptual Art, Critical Art, Interactive Art, Immersive Arts, Storytelling, Creative Coding, Sound Art.
Music: Electronic Music, Probabilistic Music, Stochastic Music, Music Futurista, AI Music,  Noise.
Science: Theory of Ordered Sets, High-Order Algebra, Category Theory.

PhD September 2015 in Fine Arts and Media Art, University of Arts in Poznan.
MFA June 2006 in Painting and Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw.
MPh October 2003 in Logic and Philosophy, Wroclaw University.
BA June 2005 in Mathematics, New York University.
BA October 1999 in Film and TV Directing, Film School in Lodz.



that proposes new stories
and generates  new compositions.
S/he is trained by techniques of composing by Burroughs.



The project examines systems of stimulation, perception, game and exchange between numerous brains.



It is a real time system, which encompasses  movement of bodies, performative cycles of 



Quantum Enigma' goal is to extend the notion of art by dealing with randomness. It reveals the process of radioactive decay.


prime engine

The work is a directed-energy 'weapon' that emits strong sound waves and laser lights rapidly propagated in a special gas.



The project is a prototypical new program, which combines the activity of
a computer virus and biological viruses.



NEST is a toolkit to explore data, track events, find patterns, and build risk profiles. It is Citizen's Intelligence Agency.



SPECTRUM explores the relationship between bio-molecular and network technologies. It is self-replicating bacteria in order to draw out its bio-politics.



GGGRU is a web worm that is spying
and analyzing data sets. The project is
a social experiment that deals with hidden data and systems.



The project deals with the problem of intense processing of large data collections, whose interpretation is beyond human processing abilities.



Manifesto vs Manifesto ? performance, concert, lecture, publication of Crash [Manifesto] and Italian Transhumanist Manifesto.



The project deals with possible extensions of homo sapiens. Extensions through the use of radical transgressive methods.



The first part of project SUPRAMIND
that aims to build a general-purpose intelligent system based on a visual inference engine



FACE is a portable knowledge environment that can be used as a distributed network for creating exchanging concepts.



FLOAT is an experimental collective software space, the multi-user kit with ability of learning during the interaction.



FleXtexT serves to create a flexible, dynamic and distributive textural space, by using attractors and a new kind of links based on the partially ordered sets.



The STACK is a collective, dynamical installation that allows small groups of participants to interact with virtual objects, and with each other.



The EL-CIPHER is a collection of
cryptographic algorithms and protocols



DeCognition is an artificial intelligence
(AI) programs that recognize and compare electromagnetic waves produced by devices.



 ACCESS #8 noise radio


hacking performance
removal of gallery



Art: Fine Art, Media Art, Conceptual Art, Critical Art, Interactive Art, Immersive Arts, Storytelling, Creative Coding, Sound Art; Music: Electronic music, Contemporary music, Spectral music, Stochastic music, Concret music, Musica futurista, Noise;
Science: Theory of Ordered Sets, Category Theory, Algebra, Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science;


AIA, IO Lab Stavanger,

AI and VR, HCI Salzburg University,

Deciphering Randomness, King's College London,
Quantum Enigma, STEIM Center Amsterdam,
Quantum Enigma, Piksel Bergen,
Nuclear Random Generator, Harvestworks Arts Center New York,
Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces, NK Berlin,
Secure Insecurity, Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage,
NEST - Portable Knowledge Distributed Systems, WORM Rotterdam
Poset Metrics, IRSA, Wroclaw
Fixed Points Property in the Theory of Posets, KBN, Polish Academy of Science
NEST ? Portable Knowledge Distributed System, ARCO, Madrid
Nonclasical Logics, Department of Logic an Methodology of Science Wroclaw University
Distributed Cognition and Order Theoretical Approaches to AI, University of Arts in Poznan
Float - Portable Knowledge Distributed System, Harvestwork Center, NYC
Portable Knowledge Distributed Systems, CEC ArtsLink, NYC
Portable Knowledge Distributed Systems, UTD, Dallas
FACE - Distributed Knowled Systems, CAFA, Benging
FXT - Distributed Knowled Systems, ICCA, Tokyo and ACA, Nagoya



Artificial Intelligence & randomness + QE ? MediaLab PRADO Madrid;
Quantum Enigma ? STEIM Center, Amsterdam;
ORACLE Gate ? Harvestworks Arts Center, New York;
Nuclear Random Generator ? Harvestworks Arts Center, New York;
SPECTRUM - LETO Gallery, Warsaw;
Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces ? NK Berlin
Nuclear Random Engine ? Centro Centro Cibeles de Cultura, Madrid;
RANDOMNESS - Skolska24, Prague;
Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces - Fundacion FIART, Madrid;
Terror Engines ? WORM Instituut voor Avantgardistische Recreatie, Rotterdam;
Capital - Wroclaw Contemporary Museum;
Transhuman - Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw
Falsecodes - Red Gate Gallery, Beijing;
Manifesto vs. Manifesto - Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw;
House - BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw;
SEE - Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw

SIBYL ? ZKM Karlsruhe;
SIBYL II ? IRCAM Center Pompidou, Paris;
Spiral - Spectrum, Berlin;
Artificial Intelligence and Mind Uploading - Retune Festival, Berlin;
Artificial Intelligence and Mind Uploading - Technarte, Bilbao;
Viral_C - PrintScreen Festival, Tel-aviv;
Deciphering Randomness - LiveWorks, Milan;
Deciphering Randomness - King's College, London;
Deciphering Randomness ? CTW EXPO, New York;
Viral Capital ? Boston CyberArts Gallery, Boston;
Radical Mind ? Columbia University, New York;
L:cipher- Panoply Performance Laboratory, New York;
Quantum Enigma ? Pixel Lyd Gallery, Bergen;
Deciphering Randomness - ISEA 2015 Vancouver;
Deciphering Randomness - Asnift Festival, Copenhagen;
Quantum Random Generator - Centre de Cultura Contemporānia de Barcelona;
Random Generators - Audioblast Festival Nantes;
Critical Machine Opera ? Skolska Gallery Prague;
Decoding Randomness - FAMU and Technical University Prague;
NeuroArt - Academy of Arts Prague;
Decoding Randomness - Academy of Fine Arts, Brno;
Viral Capital ? NetCitizens Berlin;
Viral Capital ? GIF Arts Festival Los Angeles;
FGE - The WRONG New Digital Arts Festival;
Quantum Random Generator ? Amarant Center, Poznan;
Critical Machine ? Mediations Biennale, Poznan;
Nuclear Random Engine ? Mata Gallery, Los Angeles;
Nuclear Random Engine - Fluc Wanne, Vienna;
Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces ? NK Berlin;
Engines ? ICII Onafhankelijk Culureel Centrum, Amsterdam;
Capital - Wroclaw Contemporary Museum;
Secure Insecurity - ISEA and Biennale Istanbul;
Manifesto vs. Manifesto, Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw;
NGRU - FILE, Sao Paulo;
NEST - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid;
FLOAT ? DMAC Harvestworks, NYC;
FLOAT ? Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC;
WWAI - Siggraph, Los Angeles;
Falsecodes - Red Gate Gallery, Beijing;
GENGINE ? Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw;
SPECTRUM - LETO Gallery, Warsaw;
Flextex - Byzantine Museum, Athens;
FXT? ACA Media Festival, Tokyo;
FXT? ISEA 2005, Nagoya;
SSSpear ?17th Meridian, WRO Center, Wroclaw;
DNAcrash - Festiwal Podwodny Wroclaw;
CN - BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw;
Crash -Industrial Festival Wroclaw;
CPU - Access Art Fest, Wroclaw;
N-streams - ND CRK, Wroclaw;
Sunus ? Underwater Festival, Wroclaw;
RG - BWA Design, Wroclaw;
RG- Geppert Gallery, G23, Wroclaw;
CRASH - BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw;
FLOAT - 404 International Festival of Electronic Art, Rosario;
WWAI - Pratt Institut, New York;
FXT - ISEA2004, Helsinki-Stokholm-Tallin;
FXT?M E D I AT E R R A - Byzantine Museum, Athens;
STACK- RunMe, Moscow;
FLEXTEXT ?ACA Media Festival,Tokyo, JAPAN /Jury Recomended Work/;
Pixel Raiders - Shefield University; University of Nottingham;
KNIVES AS TRAJECTORIES? Globalica WRO Center for Media Arts, Wroclaw;
S T A C K ? ISEA 02, Nagoya, Japan;
SSSPEAR ?17th Meridian, WRO Center for Media Arts, Wroclaw;
HNF ? FluxusOnline, New Horizonte, Brasil;
HNF ? Das Schwarze Ubout, Breslau;
WGG- Eutopia Festival, Cordoba, Spain WGG - Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia Web Biennial 2005;
STACK - Museum Wesel, Lower Rhine, Germany Art Gallery Verbands-Sparkasse, Wesel, Germany;
WGG - Fournos Center for the Art and New Technology, Athens, Greece; Contemporary Art Museum ex-manifattura tabacchi, Pescara, Italy;
Unimovie festivalvideo art section, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey;
Schloss Ringenberg, Hamminkeln, German;
2nd Busan Videofestival, Space Bandee / Busan, Korea Chungdam Art Festival;
Galeria e Arteve te Kosoves, Prishtina, Kosova;
STACK - Insa Art Space, KCAF / Seoul, Korea;
Goethe-Institut Toronto, Canada;
The Luigi Pecci Centro for Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy;
Videominuto, Audiovisual Festival zemos98 in cooperation with Endanza, Sevilla, Spain;
OBOK Gallery, Wroclaw;
Euroscreen21, PAN Kunst Forum Niederrheim;
Medienturn - Graz, Kunstpalase ? Dusseldorf;
House Of Spirit - BWA Wroclaw;
MUU Gallery ? Helsinki, Istambul, Graz, Paris, Athens, Tokyo, NY, Studio Anghelos ? Palermo;
S(now) ? VideoBeat,NS Black gaps - Conition of cube, Klodzk;
S(+)OS/Stack - SFF, Split;
Stackdata - PIXXELPOINT, Goricia;
Rawar? Digital Progression, Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw;
Ssspear - WRO2000@culture -- 17th Meridian Exhibition, Mathematical Tower, Mediation/Medialization Congress, Wroclaw ;
Ubermas and Menge - Obok Gallery and FestFestungFestival, Wroclaw;
the snake sheds skin - ENTROPIA Gallery, Wroclaw;
Der Tod Opera ? Art Marketig Sindicate;
Model-Fund ? Potoczny Gallery, Wroclaw; House-War waves- Potoczny Lowicki Gallery;
Uterus - WRO 99 - media art biennale, Contemporary Teater, Wroclaw;
IHS Hardware and Software - Artists Museum, Grohman's palace, Lodz;
Rotolyn - WRO International Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw.


"Artificial Inetlligence and Randomness" ? MediaLab PRADO Madrid;
"AI & Mind Uploading" ? Technarte, Bilbao;
"Artificial ntelligence & Mind Uploading" ? Retune Festival, Berlin;
"Deciphering Randomness" ? Skolska Gallery, Prague;
"Deciphering Randomness" ? Piksel Festival, Bergen;
"Deciphering Randomness" ? STEIM Amsterdam 2014;
"Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces" - Fundacion FIART, Madrid 2013;
"Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces" ? NK Berlin, Berlin 2013;
"Mind Uploading" ? Mutamorphosis Coference, Prague 2012;
"Technology and Cognition" ? ISEA Coference, Istanbul 2011;
"Secure Insecurity" - ISEA Coference, Istanbul 2011;
"NEST - Citizens Intelligent Agency" ? WORM Instituut voor Avantgardistische Recreatie, Rotterdam;
"Distributed cognition systems" - University of Arts, Poznan;
"Patterns of terror" - University of Arts, Poznan;
"Bio-capital" - University of Arts, Poznan;
"Crash Manifesto vs Transhuman Manifesto" - Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw;
FILE, Sao Paulo;
ARCO Art Fair, Madrid;
DMAC Harvestworks, NYC;
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC;
WWAI - Siggraph Conference, Los Angeles;
WWAI - Pratt Institut, New York;
Ciberart Congress, Bilbao;


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Research monographs
Agnieszka Jelewska, Robert B. Lisek, Art and Technology in Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University Press,
Poznan 2014
Robert B. Lisek, Marcin Czerwinski,et all, Tranhuman Anthology, Rita Baum Press, Wroclaw 2010
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et all, Polish Painting of the 21st Century, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw 2006


EVA London, 2018;
King's College London, 2017;
Technarte Conference, 2017, Bilbao;
Retune Conference, 2016, Berlin;
ISEA Conference, 2015, Vancouver;
ChArt King's College, 2015, London;
Darkbot ? Columbia University, New York;
Piksel Bergen 2014;
Mutamorphosis Conference, 2012, Prague;
ISEA Conference, 2011, Istanbul;
FILE Conference, Sao Paulo;
ARCO Art Fair, Madrid;
Complexity Conference, Boston;
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Parainconsistent Logic, Logical Philosophy, Mathematics & Informatics - Jaskowski Symposium, Torun;
IV-th Conference on Applications of Logic in Foundations of Mathematics, Karpacz;
Ordered Sets - Stephan Banach International Mathematical Center, Warsaw


ACRO Art Fair Award, Madrid
Ministry of Science, Warsaw
Award of Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Warsaw
DMAC Harvestwork Center, NYC
CEC ArtsLink Award, NYC
ACA Media Festival,Tokyo
KBN Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw

Research expeditions/residencies
ARE Enschede,
SubnetAIR Human Computer Interaction Center, Salzburg University,
LiveWorks Performance Art Residency, Milan
Harvestworks Media Art Center New York


[DeCog] - IRSA, Berlin
[unrendered] - Logic-Physical System, IRSA, Milan
[quantum enigma] - Quantum Random Generator, IRSA, New York
[ERS] - Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces, Poznan-Berlin
NEST - Portable Knowledge Distributed System, IRSA, Wroclaw
[ne5t] - Citizens Intelligent Agency,
[face] - Portable Knowledge Development Environment
FLOAT - Harvestworks Center NYC
FXT  ACM, Tokyo


Languages: LISP, Java; XML; UNIX shells; SQL, HTML, Javasript
Mathematical Programming: Matlab, Mathematica; 3D-XplorMath, RiskCalc; Matla; MathCad; Macsyma.
Development Environments: Pure Data, Max MSP, Supercollider, Processing, HTML, Maya, 3D Studio, Vray.
Operating Systems: MacOsX, Linux;
Other Software: TEX, LATEX; MKS Toolkit; CVS, SCCS, RCS.

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